Breakfast Bowl Goals!


We're guessing that if you've found yourself here, then mostly likely you're like us and love a beautiful breakfast bowl as much as we do! So, here is goes with our top 5 favourite breakfast bowls by @foodiefittwinmummy

Here it goes...

1 -  "A figgylicious start to this beautiful Monday morning. A big bowl of thick and creamy vanilla oats made with @kin_nutrition vegan protein and @innocent almond milk - soaked overnight with @yumandyay_flax and chia.
Topped with @nushfoods caramel and hibiscus almond milk yogurt, those jammy figs, @pipandnut almond butter and a drizzle of melted @benefitchocolate 85% energy chocolate."


2 - Ginger, pear and chocolate orange oats 🍐🍫🍊
▪ @whey_box vegan gingerbread protein
▪ pear
▪ persimmon
▪ homemade granola
 @pipandnut chocolate orange almond butter 
▪ A cheeky square of @benefitchocolate 85% dark cacao protein chocolate 

3 -  The Best Chocolate Combo Bowl 

▪ Chocolate oats made with @kin_nutrition dark choc vegan protein 
▪ @innocent hazelnut milk, soaked overnight with @yumandyay_ flax and chia
▪ @nushfoods caramel and hibiscus almond milk yogurt
▪  Banana, Raspberries, Pom seeds
▪ @mindfulbitesuk Brazil nut
▪ Cacao nib butter 
▪ @benefitchocolate 85% energy chocolate 

4 - Chocolate oats and Blueberries and Banana 
"...gearing up with my fave chocolate oats, with @yumandyay_ flax and chia, made with @kin_nutrition dark choc vegan protein and @innocent hazelnut milk - so thick and creamy👌. Topped with a little banana, blueberries, @nushfoods caramel and hibiscus almond milk yoghurt, @mindfulbitesuk cashew and baobab butter, cacao nibs and extra lifting power from @benefit 85% dark cacao energy chocolate 🍫💪" @foodiefittwinmummy 

5 -  Creamy oats with cherry compote

▪ Vanilla oats made with @kin_nutrition vanilla vegan protein 
▪ @innocent almond milk, soaked overnight with @yumandyay_ flax and chia and then warmed on the hob
▪  Warm cherry compote
▪ @nushfoods almond milk yoghurt
▪ A puddle of @pipandnut almond butter
▪ @benefitchocolate 85% dark energy chocolate
▪  a drizzle of @thegroovyfoodcompany maple syrup agave 


I think you will all agree that there is not much else to say after seeing these other than...

Peace out! 

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