Danny's Dark Side Vegan Cookies! 🍪

Hello Chocolate lovers, 

We're back again with another recipe from Ash (@ash.hine_96)  using Danny's Dark side chocolate. Not only do they look amazing, they are also vegan! 

Give them a try for yourself and share a photo with us online, tagging us @dannyschocolatesuk

Cookie mix

100g Sugar
165g Dark Brown Sugar
2g Salt
100g Melted Coconut butter
185g Plain flour
3g Baking soda
60ml Non-dairy milk of choice (Ash used Almond)
5ml Vanilla extract

Cookie dough

STEP 1 - Add sugars, salt and coconut oil to a mixing bowl and mix until combined
STEP 2 - Add Almond milk and vanilla extract and slowly mixed until smooth (Image above)
STEP 3 - Sieve the flour and baking powder to mix and slowly mix until a batter
STEP 4 - Smash up and Danny's chocolate for chunks
STEP 5 - Cover and chill for 30 minutes, scoop onto a tray and bake for 10-12 minutes at 180c or until brown

Dannys Dark Side vegan cookies

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