Quick and easy Coconut and Chia seed cereal bars

Fancy a little mid-week pick me up with these Coconut and Chia Seed cereal bar. These take 10 mins to whip together and even easier to eat all in one go!


Rice Krispies 50g

Melted coconut oil 1 Tbs

6 Dates

6 Prunes

Cox&Co Coconut and Chia Seed 37% Cacao 70g

Desecrated coconut and chia seeds


Melt the coconut oil in a bowl and leave to one side

Melt the 70g bar of Cox&Co Coconut and Chia Seed 37% cacao and set to one side

Add the prune, dates and melted coconut oil into and hand blender and blitz until a sticky paste with small chunks

In a bowl mix together all the ingredients until all the chocolate mixture covers all cereal

Place in a tin lined with baking paper and pack down, sprinkle the desecrated coconut and chia seeds on top

Leave in the fridge to set for 2 hrs and cut into fingers before demolishing them!

Cereal bar cox&co

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