85% Cacao with Raw cacao nibs vegan chocolate puddles

Bored of the same old recipes and looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth. Why not give these chocolate puddles made with Cox&Co. 85% Cacao with Cacao Nibs a go for a quick and easy recipe.

Suitable for vegans and gluten-free - but don’t feel like you have to share them with your friends.

Some things are just too good to share!

Ingredients - Cox&Co vegan desert


Cox&Co. 85% Cacao with Raw Cacao Nibs, 80g

Dark Chocolate Alpro Pot

Chopped up mixed nuts

Chopped up mixed dried berries


Melt one 80g bar of 85% Cacao with Cacao Nibs over boiling water

Once fully melted, still in the pan, mix in the dark chocolate Alpro pot

Teaspoon small puddles on to baking paper

Sprinkle your chopped nuts and fruit on top

Put in the freezer for 1hr to set

Take out of the freezer 15mins before serving and ENJOY!

Vegan chocolate puddles

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